Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Needle Knitting Scarf Tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial on how to knit a scarf on your fingers-
No Needle Knitting.

Here are 2 examples of no needle knitted scarves:

  Here is how to knit a scarf on your fingers: 

1. Select your wool. I used a skein of hand spun and dyed merino wool from Little Wool Shed in Queenstown, NZ, for both examples above.
2. Make a slip knot as you normally would to cast on in knitting or to start crocheting. Place knot on 2 fingers of the right hand.  I used 2 fingers to knit my scarf.  For a tighter tension, use just one finger for the whole scarf.
3. Cast on by making a crochet chain stitch, using your fingers as you would a crochet hook- yarn over and pull through.  
4.  Put the first chain on 2 fingers of the left hand to make the first stitch.  Then do another chain stitch and continue placing the completed chain stitches on the left fingers as you go.

Or you can cast on as you would with knitting on needles, just on your fingers instead.

5.  Keep going until you have cast on as many stitches as you want.  For my scarves I cast on 9 stitches for the brown scarf and 7 stitches for the grey, giving a longer but narrower scarf.
6.  Now start knitting, using your 2 fingers on each hand as you would knitting needles.  Insert right hand fingers under first stitch on left hand, yarn over, pull through and slip stitch off left fingers.  Continue for the whole row.
7.  At the end of each row you will have all the stitches on the right hand fingers.  Carefully slip the stitches off the right hand fingers, turn and place on the left hand fingers as per picture below, so you are ready to continue with the next row.
8.  This scarf knits up very quickly.  If you want to take a break when you have finished a row, carefully thread a length of spare wool through and tie a bow to hold your stitches. 

When you are ready to start knitting again, carefully place stitches on left hand fingers and you are ready to go. 
9.  Keep knitting until you are almost out of wool or the scarf is as long as you want it.  Cast off as you normally would when using knitting needles.  Weave in ends with either a needle or crochet hook.  Enjoy wearing your scarf!

Please let me know how you get on, if you make one.

For another blog post on the grey scarf, see here.

Tutorial updated May 2012


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