Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moss Stitch Scarf

It's been a while, but I made something!
Using size 7.5 needles, I cast on 21 stitches and
knitted moss stitch to make a nice long scarf with
some beautiful hand spun, hand dyed wool
It has been keeping me warm now the cold weather has set in.
Life has changed a little around here with some new
opportunities cutting in on time to make things.
But, I've enjoyed knitting again.

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  1. such pretty yarn! I am trying to find a project for some lovely mohair I picked up the oppie, I think seed stitch may be the answer ;)

  2. That is really gorgeous - looks wonderful warm and cosy! Yay for having a few minutes to make something and so nice to see your post and have you play along x

  3. What beautiful looking wool. No wonder it inspired you.

  4. This is super pretty Cx Lovely to see it finished
    I have just printed the pattern for my Talia wool :)

  5. Great choice to make it in Moss have done Talias handspun justice :) Its lovely :)


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