Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moss Stitch Cowl

I'm having a bit of a wool and knitting phase at the moment.
This moss/seed stitch cowl was made with more hand dyed and spun wool
It goes perfectly with my pea green winter coat.
I cast on 201 stitches on 7mm circular needles and
kept going until I ran out of wool.
I marked 6m from the end of the wool as I rolled it 
so I knew when to start casting off. 
I'm not sure if anyone still reads my little craft blog,
but hello and thank you if you do.


  1. Thank YOU for sharing your creativity!

  2. Yes I read and was wondering where you had gone! Scarf looks amazing!

  3. That cowl looks amazing, isn't Talia's wool perfectly perfect - would you believe I have only just learnt moss stitch !! !!

  4. It looks so great - and you're right - perfect with your green coat!

  5. ooo that looks deliciously soft and warm!! Gorgeous yarn and gorgeous cowl!


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